Project Overview

The problem:

The maritime industry is currently facing critical problems associated with the evacuation of people from ships in an emergency situation. Difficult to predict factors such as the ship motion, the floating position, unexpected sudden changes of the environment (fire, flooding, explosion etc) affect the behavior of the passengers which becomes unpredicted in a very challenging environment.  Even though there are established evacuation procedures to be followed during maritime accidents, the industry still reports deaths as a result of people failing to follow evacuation procedures and inefficient safety and evacuation plans. This issue becomes even more crucial as the passenger ships keep getting bigger and bigger.


The need:
The maritime industry is in great need of a system which will allow the ship’s command to locate the passengers in real time and provide to centralized evacuation control system vital information about their position and their health status. The system should be able to gather a vast amount of information related to the emergency (water levels, temperature, smoke detection, inclination, moisture etc) in real time so as to be able to perform continuous assessment of the status and the spread of the emergency and provide updated information to the passengers for safe evacuation. A wide network of sensors installed all over the ship is needed so as to assist the management of the emergency and also for localizing (tracking) the passengers. A distributed sensor network is needed for monitoring in real-time the spread of the disaster during emergency and also to provide vital information about the ship as a structure during normal operation.


The LYNCEUS project:

The objective of the LYNCEUS2MARKET project is to improve and optimise current technologies and prototypes developed by the LYNCEUS consortium in order to deliver innovative wireless devices that can be easily integrated in new and existing passenger ship infrastructure providing a low-cost and robust safe evacuation system. This innovative system will enable on-board and overboard people localisation, person activity monitoring, real-time disaster escalation monitoring and adaptive decision support. 


Work packages:

WP1: Project management
WP2: On-board technologies
WP3: Overboard localisation technologies
WP4: Decision support system
WP5: Miniaturisation, packaging and manufacturing
WP6: Lynceus2Market systems integration
WP7: Demonstration and system validation
WP8: Market replication
WP9: Standardisation, dissemination and exploitation

The Lynceus2Market project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 636286.

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